Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Over $600 Earned Last Month

So last month (November 2014) I had my biggest yet month of online earnings. I was hoping to make it to over $500 in the month but in the end I did more than $600! This was quite impressive not least for the fact that I was still on maternity leave. It just goes to show you that most of this income is passive and sometimes you don't actually have to do ongoing work to get the earnings.

Obviously I have had to put the work in in the past and this has all been built up over a number of years (I think three and a half years now) but it also shows that if I keep pushing on I could get to the goal of maybe earning $1000 a month which would really help me out (not that $600 doesn't!).

The majority of my earnings for last month however, were unfortunately a bit of a one off! I had built a website up over a couple of years which gave information about a regional public transport project. That project actually launched last month and that was why I got a massive increase in adsense earnings as people were trying to find out all about it.

However, just because my earnings will go down again from this month onwards does not mean that I can't learn lessons from this. In fact I have already bought another URL for another transport project that likely won't happen until 2018. But I figure if I put in the groundwork now I will reap the rewards later. I will work on finding more projects like these perhaps in other countries.

I also had some unexpected ClickBank earnings last month. I keep thinking I will shut my ClickBank account as my earnings are a bit sporadic and sometimes I won't earn anything for weeks on end and start having to pay $1 every 2 weeks as a penalty, but every time I think I will shut it down I get some earnings so I guess I will continue there for a while longer. I don't rate many of the products on there as they are a bit spammy but I have chosen a few products that I have tried and tested myself and that I actually believe in.

So, now that I am back to working on my sites one and a half days a week I will try and analyse my existing sites and shut down any that are not making a profit, plus build up new ones to get more income streams.

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