Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Revenue Stream

Ok so I recently found a new revenue stream to top up my earnings from Hubpages which have decreased slightly since they made some changes to the site. It is a site called Bubblews which is a cross between Hubpages and facebook!

You can earn a fair amount of money on this site if you are prepared to put in the work. For example it took me I think about 2 weeks and 20 short posts to earn $25. You have to be careful that you follow all the rules but if you do then you can be quids in. In fact I am not sure how they actually manage to pay as much as they do!

You can basically write about anything as long as the post is at least 400 characters - this is really not a large number. unfortunately when you trawl through the site looking for interesting stuff you can get bogged down with a lot of boring posts so you really need to dig deep to find people to connect with who don't just write stuff like 'I woke up and it was a lovely day'.

Anyway, check it out. my referral link above earns me all of $0.20 but every little helps!

As an update, I am generally making more than $200 a month from all my sites and writing etc and have had months earlier this year where I have been above $300.

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