Thursday, May 2, 2013

Affiliate Update

So I have just realised that it has been a year since I updated this blog, how very slack of me! I have still been working on my affiliate marketing activities and did join a few affiliate programs including webgains and the Google affiliate program. However, most of my activities have been focused on Adsense, Hubpages and Amazon as well as minor activity in Clickbank.

As a summary over the last year I earned $2,300 in 2012 which I was pretty happy with. Obviously I will be trying to increase this in 2013 and have one new avenue which I think could bring me some good earnings as it is already really starting to pick up.

To dissect last year's earnings even further let's split it out:

$590 - adsense earnings from the dozen or so websites that I have at present. I am keeping an eye on these - some of them are not performing and so I will just let the domains lapse after 2 years if they don't pay for themselves. There are some that I am not putting too much input into so they can go and I will concentrate on the ones that are converting. I think 2 years is a good amount of time to give them a chance before canning them.

With 2 profiles on Hubpages I have earned $760 in 2012. Hubpages earnings tend to fluctuate quite a lot due to Panda updates but this is still obviously a good revenue stream at present. You can sign up to Hubpages here.

Most of my Amazon earnings (about $150 in 2012) have come through Hubpages and the Amazon products I show on there. I do get some other earnings through my websites too.

Other earnings came from the sale of a website on Flippa and earnings from ClickBank.

How to increase in 2013
I was invited to be a YouTube partner a few months ago which means that I now have ads showing on my videos. Earnings are starting to get pretty good on this and last month I actually earnt $100 in one month just on YouTube ads. So I think this might be the way to go and I will be looking to increase the number of videos I have every month if possible.

Earnings for the first 4 months of 2013 are currently at $820 so hopefully I am on track for at least a 10% increase in earnings, if not more.

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