Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hit By The Penguin?

So there have been a couple more changes to the Google algorithm recently. As I understand it there was another Panda update on 19th April and then came 'Penguin' on 24th April. These seem to have impacted my sites and writing. I have one profile on Hubpages that has seen major increases in views over the last few weeks so I am hoping that one sticks, although it has had a couple of small falls int he last few days, but hey that happens at weekends. The other profile has seen drops to a point where I'm not sure it is worth keeping going with it right now. Added to that my niche sites are having erratic viewing figures with a few seeing increases and quite a number dropping. Overall, from an app that I have to check my adsense earnings, I can see that page views on all of my sites have nosedived over the last few days. I am hoping that this is temporary as there have been quite a few complaints about the penguin update so maybe they will change or reverse it. if things keep going as they are though I may have to take a backseat on the websites and go back to trying to promote my artwork a bit more... Earnings will be up for April but if they keep going the way of the last few days they will dive down in May.

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