Monday, March 5, 2012

Another New Website Started

So I was on a webcast a few days ago about making money through adsense niche sites (the link goes to an article that I had written before the webcast) and there was some good information on it. Essentially I was doing pretty much what they said but there were a few things that I thought I could do better. Also they gave some good pointers about picking domain names and, contrary to my opinion, said that you could create websites on subjects that you don't know much about by paying someone else to write the content.

Although that could be a fair point I wanted to start a website using the methods they had described but not paying for content as at the moment I do not have the budget for that. The seminar said that you could earn $150 a month from each site (I'm a bit skeptical but will give it a try). So my new website has been started and is about uk tax allowances. I know a bit about this subject because, as well as having a maths degree, I also worked in pensions management and passed exams on that including one on uk taxation, so I feel I have some knowledge. Anyway, I am giving this a try and seeing if the income starts coming in in a month or two.

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