Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Earnings Summary

So 2011 was my second year of trying to earn money online. There is so much to learn that you are really only going to succeed if you keep persevering, trying new things, learning more and more and basically just not giving up when the going gets tough and you think you are never going to earn any money. I can tell you that there have been quite a few times when I wonder why I started this and if it is ever going to reap any rewards for me. I think the hardest thing that I found was the fact that I only wanted to sell things that I believed in and I didn't want in any way to be seen to be conning people. That was the spur of moving the focus of my earnings to adsense and Amazon. When I was first introduced to affiliate marketing then one thing I was advised to focus on was ClickBank. Now there are some legitimate products in ClickBank but by and large I think that I would not want to be selling the majority of the stuff on there.

Anyway, I persevered, mainly with a focus on HubPages and also creating my own websites half way through the year and that saw my earnings increase significantly. Now most of my earnings come from Adsense and Amazon and although I would like to have my eggs split between a few more baskets, this is a good start.

So having totalled up my earnings for 2011 I made $807.30. Although it is not as much as I would have wanted (obviously!) it is a great start to build on. I am currently looking at earnings or around $200 a month and am aiming to increase that to $500 a month by the end of the year so I am hoping that I am looking at at least $3000 in total for next year.

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