Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Website Launched and One Rebuilt

So I figured that if I was to start increasing my earnings then I need to increase the number of websites that I have so I started a new one based on an article that I had written in the past that had done well. I did some keyword research and came up with a URL which I liked which was New Golf Clubs.

Although I know a particular big time affiliate marketer that I follow does not like to have hyphens in his URLs, I decided to ignore this fact as my best producing website also has hyphens so I'm not sure that there is a problem. The keyword phrase 'new golf clubs' has approx 74k searches every month and low competition so I thought I would give it a shot, even though I know the golf market is a very difficult and competitive one.

I know it will take time for the site to grow and get hits so for this one I am going to aim for 6 months until I get into profit either through amazon sales or adsense earnings.

Oh yes, and I also completely rebuilt my original site that I started with. I had built it on Sharepoint which is what I knew about but that was too expensive as I had Wordpress hosting available for free (unlimited hosting on the one I was paying for) so that would save me some money by bringing it over there.

I am also contemplating selling off my best producing site to get some capital to fund newer sites...

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