Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adsense down, Amazon and Hubpages up for October.

So this month started with a significant decrease in adsense earnings for some reason. So I decided if I was going to make $100 again (or hopefully more) I would have to do something about it. With this in mind I wrote a number of Halloween hubs targeting selling products on Amazon. These started off doing really well but then suddenly died off. Maybe it was because of the weekend but I am not sure why, I'll check on Monday but it is not looking so good. At least I made a bunch of sales on them before they died so that was a good thing.

Added to that Hubpages have changed their Ad program and over the last 3 days my CPM with them has doubled so I am hoping that stays that way. They have also added eBay in as an affiliate program which I have been accepted into so I will start having a look at that. At the moment I am about on target for similar earnings to September, so we will see how October pans out in the 2nd half of the month.

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