Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Update - On Target for Double August Earnings

So things are starting to ramp up a bit since I started my Wordpress websites - I knew it would take a few months for them to bed in and start getting some good traffic. I did quite a bit of link building in July and August but have let them rest a bit for the last few weeks to see what happens. After what may or may not have been another Google mini-panda update at the end of August where my Hubpages views almost quadrupled, my websites also started to show good increases in traffic. There are a couple that are stuck and I need to work on those but the best 2 are seeing some really good numbers.

Earnings for September are on target for being double those of August (in adsense) and my Amazon earnings have picked up as well from my product hubs and I am already on 2nd tier earnings with Amazon this month at 6% commission.

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