Sunday, July 31, 2011

Get 25 Free Backlinks Every Day

I just wanted to give another shoutout to Social Monkey which is a site that I use to get free backlinks. It is a really easy to use backlink site where you submit a short article that you need to spin (you only need to think up 160 characters which means you can spin it really easily to get 25 different versions of your wording). You can only submit one link a day so you need to make sure you use it every day to get your 25 free backlinks. You can also only submit each URL once but if you have a few websites then this can easily keep you going for weeks on end. I started on Social Monkey I think a few months ago and I still haven't run out of URLs to submit. You could also submit your hubpages links to get backlinks to your hubs.

This really is a good place for genuine free backlinks so make sure you check it out (and use it every day!).

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