Friday, June 24, 2011

Spam Comments With Spelling Mistakes

So one of the websites I started, Folic Acid, gets a lot of spam comments. In fact in the beginning it got so many it was getting ridiculous so I installed a plugin that required any commenter to enter a number that was displayed.

Anyway, 99% of these comments were spam, some just looking for a backlink without having read what my site was about, and others, well I am not really sure why they were there as the website address they put would be google or bing - so what is the point of that? I'm sure google is not spamming blogs to get backlinks to the search engine!!

out of all these spam comments, one feature ran through them. They all had at least one word spelt wrong, where a few of the letters had been mixed about, e.g.

Hey, that's powefrul. Thanks for the news.
Extremely hleufpl article, please write more.
A good many vluabales you've given me.

So can anyone tell me what are the point of these spam comments with spelling errors? Obviously they get no further than being deleted but I really can't see why anyone would post them in the first place...

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  1. I've been getting the same on my blog, no idea why they do it. This is my website: