Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Domains I Forgot I Had!

So probably about 10 years or so ago I bought a few domains that I did actually use for myself. However, I haven't used then for at least 5 years now and I had almost forgotten about them. Two of them were parked for profit (what profit???!) and another one was redirected to another URL that I used to own but no longer did, so it went to someone else's site - doh!

Anyway, I have a hosting account with Hostgator and with that hosting I can have an unlimited number of websites. So I have added the old domains to the hosting and changed the nameservers so that they point at my Hostgator account (the domains are with Easyspace and I can't easily move them as they are .co.uk ones) and I will build up wordpress sites for all 3 of them.

The great thing is that I did some adwords keyword checking and these 3 domains have really good stats on them - one is 6 figure global, 5 figure local searches with low competition (woohoo!), and the other 2 are 7 figure global, 6 figure local searches with medium competition, nice!

So let's see if I can get something built up on these 3 domains and get some more cash coming in. They will all have to be adsense sites I think as they are not really product related URLs.

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