Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get Free Traffic and Backlinks

A Website Offering Free Traffic
So we could all do with more traffic couldn't we? Traffic is the key to earning more as the more traffic we get the more we are likely to earn from our websites/blogs/hubs etc. There are plenty of paid for products out there that propose to give you endless streams of traffic to your website and whether or not they work, I don't know as I don't use them. I prefer to look for free ways to generate more traffic.

One of these free traffic websites is one I found recently called Free Traffic System and this is an interesting one in that you do have to actually do some work to get your backlinks (and hopefully subsequent traffic).

What To Do To Get Free Backlinks
You need to write an article that will be submitted to 30 different blogs and you can have a link (or possibly links) in your article. As it is submitted as 30 articles you have to effectively generate 30 different versions of the article. The website gives you some good ideas on how to do this and once you have created your articles it gets published gradually over the 30 blogs or article sites so that you don't suddenly get inundated with backlinks (which can look suspicious).

The other good thing about this site is that you can get free content for your wordpress blogs by submitting your blogs to be part of the process. This is great for you too as it means you don't need to keep updating your blogs with original content as often as you might otherwise. So essentially it is a win win situation for everyone.

I think you need to use this site carefully and make sure that all of your 30 articles are substantially different, but as anyone knows to get 30 backlinks quickly, and without having to go round searching for relevant blogs to comment on, is a time consuming task. So give it a try, it is completely free, although there is obviously an upgraded version that you can pay for :-)

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