Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Up To 5000 Views on Ezine Articles

So I have around 85 articles on Ezine articles and have just reached 5000 views. Not sure if this is good or bad for the 4 months or so that I have been submitting for. The click through rate at the moment remains at a reasonably static 12% which I think could so with a bit of increasing but is obviously hampered by the early articles where the resource boxes were not that good. I have been gradually updating old articles but it seems that some of them have not had any recent views so I need to work on some backlinking and changing of keywords in those to keep them on the first pages of the search engines.

I have submitted articles to other sites but as I have said before here I prefer Ezine because of the stats and the fact that they are quite strict on wanting good quality original articles so they tend to get a good rank.

One of my product sites is having a big sale starting tomorrow so I have written about 20 articles to be released tonight on the various subjects that are linked to those products. I could have done with writing more but I have been a bit stuck for time. Hopefully I can write more before the sale ends!

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