Sunday, February 28, 2010

Website Portal

So I have decided to set up a website portal that will promote some of the really interesting products that I have found. I have become very picky about some of the products I am promoting and had a rant about some of the really poor landing pages on the Digital Points forum recently. However, this has led me to find some really good ones so am hoping to use those to make sales. It's just a question of sorting out the wheat from the chaff as they say :)

Going to be working on the portal in the next few days, at least I have some web experience so I can do this although I have to say my design skills aren't the best but I'll give it a go and hope I don't become like one of the pages I despise! I have an idea of the url but just need to finalise that in my mind too...

Still need to keep up with the blogs and the article writing (just had another one published today so need to promote that later).

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