Friday, February 5, 2010

PPC Advertising Still Disappointing

So yesterday I worked on getting a new PPC ad campaign up and running. Found a product I thought looked good, spent ages getting lots of keywords and did a couple of ads to see which one would work better. Waited on the ad to be reviewed and then found that once it was all of my keywords were getting a really low score (1/10) due to the landing page quality...back to the drawing board.

So after over a 1,000 hops on all my PPC campaigns together, still no sales :-(


  1. Hey Marian,
    You might want to read this ebook called Google Sniper. It's about affiliate marketing and I think that could help you. Also, for articles you submit on ezinearticles, you might want to use a keyword as the anchor text for your link back to this site. :D

  2. Hi Marian,

    I do quite a but of PPC work and found it to be a very productive tool to land people on my website. Your quality score issue sounds like your landing pages arent relevant to the keywords you are using. You want to have the searcher land on a page that is similar to what they are looking for.