Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Work for Today!

So today I was out most of the day at the golf. As this is one of my main hobbies I am going to have this as one of my niche markets. I chose today to go as it was pro-am day and they allow cameras. So I managed to get some video footage of some of the top players taking their shot. I need to put some of it together - I have no idea about videos but I found some good editing software on my laptop so I am playing about with that. I think I should also add my golf blog url on the videos so that people can click on it from the video as I have seen people do that - need to figure that one out.

Other thing today is that of the 2 articles I submitted to ezine one was approved today and has gone live here - think i need some backlinks on that but I'm not sure what that invloves so need to investigate further...

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