Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Adwords Campaigns

So after a few days I was monitoring my campaigns. I was checking on the keywords scores, the number of impressions and the click through rate (CTR). One of the campaigns was looking OK but the other one was not doing well. The keywords scores were very low and most of the time the ads were not showing. I couldn't figure out why as they were entirely relevant to my product but after a few days I decided to can one of the campaigns. I'm not sure if I was right or wrong in doing this but it was not looking good and I thought there were plenty more products to choose from.

The other product seemed to be getting a few clicks, although not huge numbers so I spent some more time looking through the ClickBank marketplace for another suitable product. I found one which was in the area that I worked in and I thought it looked good so to hit a more targeted audience and to hedge my bets I thought I would use facebook marketing on this one. I could then target people who had specified the product as one of their interests and also target a specific country (USA in this case). I also sought out another product for the adwords campaigns.

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