Saturday, April 15, 2017

Can't Get in to Admin Page on WordPress!

Haven't been on here for a while but I'm still earning money online and have a number of websites now bringing me in regular income. Anyway, I had an issue on one of my sites recently which I wanted to share, if for no other reason than if it happens again to me, I know how to fix it!

The problem was that I was endeavouring to ensure the speed of my website was up to scratch so i thought I would add in a caching plug in. In fact I already had one installed but as my site was not quick enough (according to a new feature from Google) I thought I would install another one.

The old one I had installed was WP Super Cache and the new one was W3 Total Cache. Somehow in deactivating the old one and activating the new one I ended up with some text at the top of my website saying:

//Added by WP-Cache Manager

But the real problem with this was that when I was logged out of the site and tried to get back in, the admin page ONLY displayed this and not the login boxes so I was locked out of my Wordpress site.

After a short panic I managed to fix the problem by going in to the file manager and opening the wp-config.php file (do this with care!) and in there I found 2 instances of "//Added by WP-Cache Manager" which I removed and consequently those were removed from the external view of the site.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Over $600 Earned Last Month

So last month (November 2014) I had my biggest yet month of online earnings. I was hoping to make it to over $500 in the month but in the end I did more than $600! This was quite impressive not least for the fact that I was still on maternity leave. It just goes to show you that most of this income is passive and sometimes you don't actually have to do ongoing work to get the earnings.

Obviously I have had to put the work in in the past and this has all been built up over a number of years (I think three and a half years now) but it also shows that if I keep pushing on I could get to the goal of maybe earning $1000 a month which would really help me out (not that $600 doesn't!).

The majority of my earnings for last month however, were unfortunately a bit of a one off! I had built a website up over a couple of years which gave information about a regional public transport project. That project actually launched last month and that was why I got a massive increase in adsense earnings as people were trying to find out all about it.

However, just because my earnings will go down again from this month onwards does not mean that I can't learn lessons from this. In fact I have already bought another URL for another transport project that likely won't happen until 2018. But I figure if I put in the groundwork now I will reap the rewards later. I will work on finding more projects like these perhaps in other countries.

I also had some unexpected ClickBank earnings last month. I keep thinking I will shut my ClickBank account as my earnings are a bit sporadic and sometimes I won't earn anything for weeks on end and start having to pay $1 every 2 weeks as a penalty, but every time I think I will shut it down I get some earnings so I guess I will continue there for a while longer. I don't rate many of the products on there as they are a bit spammy but I have chosen a few products that I have tried and tested myself and that I actually believe in.

So, now that I am back to working on my sites one and a half days a week I will try and analyse my existing sites and shut down any that are not making a profit, plus build up new ones to get more income streams.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Revenue Stream

Ok so I recently found a new revenue stream to top up my earnings from Hubpages which have decreased slightly since they made some changes to the site. It is a site called Bubblews which is a cross between Hubpages and facebook!

You can earn a fair amount of money on this site if you are prepared to put in the work. For example it took me I think about 2 weeks and 20 short posts to earn $25. You have to be careful that you follow all the rules but if you do then you can be quids in. In fact I am not sure how they actually manage to pay as much as they do!

You can basically write about anything as long as the post is at least 400 characters - this is really not a large number. unfortunately when you trawl through the site looking for interesting stuff you can get bogged down with a lot of boring posts so you really need to dig deep to find people to connect with who don't just write stuff like 'I woke up and it was a lovely day'.

Anyway, check it out. my referral link above earns me all of $0.20 but every little helps!

As an update, I am generally making more than $200 a month from all my sites and writing etc and have had months earlier this year where I have been above $300.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Do You Like Writing and Want to Make a Bit of Money?

If you want to earn some money writing online then Hubpages is a great place to start. Earn money from adsense, Amazon, eBay and Hubpages own Ads.

Start Writing Online

If you are someone who has a passion for writing, but currently maybe just writes for pleasure and does not make any money from it, or even if you are someone who has started to venture into the world of online writing, then this article is for you. If you didn't know it, then it is possible to make money by writing online.
Hubpages is a community of writers, each of whom writes for different reasons but with the opportunity of their writing being seen by the masses and of earning some money at the same time. How much money you earn may depend on a number of things as detailed below.

Who Can Write on Hubpages?

Basically anyone can write on HubPages, as long as you have something interesting to say, or at least something you think other people might want to read about. This can be anything from poetry to reviewing products that you have bought and recommending them to others (or not!). If you have a skill then you can share the details of that skill with other people who may be interested in learning.
The internet is full of people trying to find relevant information that will help them with whatever they are trying to do, so if you think you can provide this information, then you are on your way.

How Can I Earn Money?

If you are looking to earn money writing for Hubpages then you need to know from the start that you will have to put in a reasonable amount of work in order to see a good return. I'm not going to kid you, it is not easy to earn good sums of money writing on Hubpages unless you have a lot to write about. Having said that, there are people who do earn significant amounts of money every month, but they are not the norm. The fact that people can do this needs to be known, so that if you have the knowledge, passion and hard-working attitude then you will be able to succeed. However, if you are happy to earn a few dollars a month then that is a very achievable goal, as many hubbers are doing this.
In my latest month online, including Hubpages and my other websites, I earned around $300. If you are ready to start writing and don't need to read any further then you can

Sign Up Here!

The way that you earn money is that ads are shown whenever your articles are read. You can choose whether you show just Google adsense ads or whether you participate in the Hubpages Ad Program, both programs provide revenue but on a different basis and you may need to test out which one is better for you as it varies between writers. In both cases you will need to have a Google adsense account to earn money.
Another way to earn money is to have an Amazon affiliate account and earn money from products that are advertised on your pages when people click through and buy them. There is also an eBay affiliate option which works in a slightly different way as you get paid for any views you send through to eBay as well as a percentage of the final value of any items that are bought through your links. So if you can come up with a good description or review of a product then write about it and you may be able to get some money from sales.
The thing you need to know is that you only earn revenue on 60% of your page impressions and Hubpages earns the revenue on the other 40%. There is a lot more information about this in the Learning Centre.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to give online writing a try, then you need to

Sign Up Here

As soon as you have set up your account you can start writing. Make sure you enter your Google adsense ID in the affiliate settings of your account, and off you go.
I wish you good luck in your writing, you may not earn you a fortune immediately but if you can build up a portfolio of articles and allow a bit of time for them to mature, then you should start seeing the money come in.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Affiliate Update

So I have just realised that it has been a year since I updated this blog, how very slack of me! I have still been working on my affiliate marketing activities and did join a few affiliate programs including webgains and the Google affiliate program. However, most of my activities have been focused on Adsense, Hubpages and Amazon as well as minor activity in Clickbank.

As a summary over the last year I earned $2,300 in 2012 which I was pretty happy with. Obviously I will be trying to increase this in 2013 and have one new avenue which I think could bring me some good earnings as it is already really starting to pick up.

To dissect last year's earnings even further let's split it out:

$590 - adsense earnings from the dozen or so websites that I have at present. I am keeping an eye on these - some of them are not performing and so I will just let the domains lapse after 2 years if they don't pay for themselves. There are some that I am not putting too much input into so they can go and I will concentrate on the ones that are converting. I think 2 years is a good amount of time to give them a chance before canning them.

With 2 profiles on Hubpages I have earned $760 in 2012. Hubpages earnings tend to fluctuate quite a lot due to Panda updates but this is still obviously a good revenue stream at present. You can sign up to Hubpages here.

Most of my Amazon earnings (about $150 in 2012) have come through Hubpages and the Amazon products I show on there. I do get some other earnings through my websites too.

Other earnings came from the sale of a website on Flippa and earnings from ClickBank.

How to increase in 2013
I was invited to be a YouTube partner a few months ago which means that I now have ads showing on my videos. Earnings are starting to get pretty good on this and last month I actually earnt $100 in one month just on YouTube ads. So I think this might be the way to go and I will be looking to increase the number of videos I have every month if possible.

Earnings for the first 4 months of 2013 are currently at $820 so hopefully I am on track for at least a 10% increase in earnings, if not more.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hit By The Penguin?

So there have been a couple more changes to the Google algorithm recently. As I understand it there was another Panda update on 19th April and then came 'Penguin' on 24th April. These seem to have impacted my sites and writing. I have one profile on Hubpages that has seen major increases in views over the last few weeks so I am hoping that one sticks, although it has had a couple of small falls int he last few days, but hey that happens at weekends. The other profile has seen drops to a point where I'm not sure it is worth keeping going with it right now. Added to that my niche sites are having erratic viewing figures with a few seeing increases and quite a number dropping. Overall, from an app that I have to check my adsense earnings, I can see that page views on all of my sites have nosedived over the last few days. I am hoping that this is temporary as there have been quite a few complaints about the penguin update so maybe they will change or reverse it. if things keep going as they are though I may have to take a backseat on the websites and go back to trying to promote my artwork a bit more... Earnings will be up for April but if they keep going the way of the last few days they will dive down in May.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finding More Keywords

So with my 20 or so niche sites, I am trying to keep the content updated on a regular basis so that it builds up a large amount of data on the site. One thing I have just thought about is a way to check out what other info to put on the site. So I have been looking at the Google keywords tool and putting in my main keyword and seeing what else it comes up with as suggestions. not only that but I have been sorting those keywords in order of the approx CPC so that I am targeting the higher value keywords. Hopefully this will show some good result eventually.